Welcome to Better Wedding Speech. It’s pretty straightforward, really — I’m here to help make your wedding speech better.

You hear somebody say it at every wedding: “The speeches are the best bit.” And it’s true — a great wedding speech fills an already buzzing room with an energy that lasts well into the night, and beyond.

But for months, the speeches are laboured on and worried over quietly in the background. It’s a private enterprise and, whether you’re tweaking endlessly or knocking together the wood of old anecdotes the night before, it can feel helpless.

It needn’t be that way.

There’s nothing quite like the kick of a wedding speech that goes well. It’s a moment — your moment — to make a special day better. It’s your moment to make it matter.

About me

Delivering a best man speech, Wiltshire, October 2019

I’m Fraser, and I’m an occasional writer of sorts. My work has been featured by the Guardian and Bradt Travel Guides, among others, and my first book was (extremely briefly) popular on Amazon.

I’ve been fortunate enough to give three wedding speeches in the last few years — as brother-of-the-bride, best man, and joint best man. Because some friends are more decisive than others.

And in a variety of places, too — from a farm in Glastonbury to a hillside in Lapland. The picture above was taken in a barn in Wiltshire, where I loudly berated a room full of people who were just trying to have a nice time.

Along the way, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to giving a half decent wedding speech. So, if you’re working on the pieces of a wedding speech and aren’t sure how to make it all click together — well, I’ve been there, and I reckon I can help make it unique, impactful, and better.

I’m here to help you turbocharge your wedding speech by working with you on structure, content, tone, and delivery. No templates, no tired jokes — just unique wedding speeches.

More than anything, I’m here to make sure you enjoy your wedding speech.

Shall we start?

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